Hello world!

I don’t remember exactly when I had acquired this domain. Circa 2011?

So, this is not my first website nor my first experience with coding, but the name of the prominent first-programs (and default WordPress first post) is a fitting title for another first – hosting my own web server; only this time, those two words are not just visible on my screen, but any screen connected to the Internet in the world.

Time passes. People change.

I made my first website in high school . We used Macromedia Studio MX (the company was later purchased by Adobe), which included Flash and Dreamweaver. Flash websites were the bee’s knees. YouTube used Flash! I still remember the interactive agency that inspired me to learn Flash and web development: 2Advanced. The company no longer exists, but the former-Founder, Eric Jordan, is still developing in the same style as when I first saw his works in 2005.

I have always been interested in technology and the web. My first phone was the Palm Treo 650, and before that, I had a PDA (no, not public display of affection), the Sony Clie UX50. I have used most of the popular smartphone platforms – Symbian, Palm, Windows Mobile – in a time before iOS existed. I jail-broke my first iPhone – the 3G, and then moved onto Android. I’ve spent a few years unlocking bootloaders and rooting to install custom ROM’s, tinkering the OS in pursuit of perfection.

It’s weird how I remember those things so well because I don’t have a good memory. I don’t remember how or why I stopped posting on my website and disconnected from social media. I made a new Facebook account that I use for logging onto websites and apps, and have not added a friend since.

The Internet has changed.

Two WordPress versions later, I’ve returned a familiar yet new world. HTML5 and CSS3 are the only standards I know that are still current. Python, Node.js, Angular, React, Django – I barely even know if they are a language or a platform. The development of the web has been astonishing. The saying is true, “if you are not moving forward, you are left behind”.

Looking back at the void that left me from being a tech-savvy hobbyist to now just an end-user, I wonder if I have learnt any more or less now than if I had stayed on my trajectory. What if I had learnt new things or kept up with the changes in web development? Would I have a successful blog or YouTube channel? Would I’ve become an influencer?

The only acclamation I can make now is for my skills in Excel and VBA, and that is due to necessity at work. That said, life has taken me on a long journey back to my early passions. For what reasons interests fade or people sway, I do not know; I just know that if it’s meant to be, then it will be.

Time passes. People change.

This time, I intend to document more of it.

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